Education is one of the most influential factors in the advancement and progress of individuals. It has the power to solve many economic problems at the root of a nation and serves as a regulatory instrument to address social inequalities. As a socially committed company to our Latin and Hispanic communities residing in the USA, we have collaborated with institutions to offer a practical, easy, and accessible remote education model for you.

We offer online Technical Diploma Courses with a duration of 6 months, as well as monthly technical courses, to help form more competitive professionals and technicians and promote their success in the workplace.  All our certifications are endorsed by the Labor and Social Welfare Ministry. *Technical Diplomas Courses of UniverMilenium.

*Display the study plans in PDF,  Only available in Spanish

Business Management and Development

Marketing and Commercial Management – Multimedia Advertising

Pedagogical Diagnostics in Basic Education

Financial Strategy and Investments

Nutrition and Sports in adolescents and adults

Original Price

$1,750 USD

Enlaza COST

$1,350 USD

Ease of payment in
installments or cash

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