Verónica Villarreal


I am proudly Mexican. I got married at a very young age, and I am a mother of four wonderful children. I resumed my studies at the age of 36 and was able to graduate with honors. Despite my fears, I dared to look for ways to be self-sufficient. I faced many difficulties and adversities while chasing my dreams, but giving up was never an option, just as my fellow countrymen are doing today in the United States.


With a great deal of effort and determination, I founded my own real estate company in Mexico. I took the first step towards achieving success with dedication and hard work. Helping and giving back to my community is something that is deeply rooted in my heart. Your life’s work and passion will always bring wonderful rewards. I hope to be able to support and encourage you on your journey to achieving your dreams.

Jerry Coelho

Third generation agriculturist located in the Central Valley of California; my company is “Tierra Linda Farms”. I personally oversee the daily operations of my business, and I specialize in maximizing crop production through advanced tree pruning techniques. I am also a consultant for other agriculturists, supporting Hispanic-speaking companies and labor contractors. Proud father to eight children, and I enjoy the company of my nine grandchildren. I also like to play guitar.

Don Alsup

Currently, I am president of “Specialty Sales, LLC”, leader in products and services for the care of hooves of more than 2.6 million cows in more than 1,000 farms. I have more than 40 years of agricultural experience in dairy products, birds, pigs, beef, and crops. I have a degree in Agricultural Economy from the State of California University, Fresno. I live in the Central Valley of California with my three children and enjoy golf, family time, and traveling.

Greg Petersen

I founded “Specialty Sales, LLC” in 1998, and led the company as its Executive Director for 20 years. The company produces automated systems for dairies in the West of the United States and products for animal healthcare. In 2018 “Specialty Sales, LLC” was acquired by a private capital firm. Currently, I also belong to three other companies’ boards.


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