Financial Inclusion

Broxel is a 100% Mexican company that provides financial services
in the United States for Latins and Hispanics.

Leading the way to financial inclusion

Broxel’s financial products allow you to pay online or at stores around the world. You can also send
remittance transfers to your friends and family in Mexico, and send or receive money with the Broxel.

Pay App.

You need ONLY ONE of the following forms of identification.

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MEXICO: INE, passport, driver’s license, or consular document.

USA: United States passport or driver’s license.

Receive your payroll directly into your account.

There is no fee charged for your remittances to Mexico.

Our card is accepted worldwide wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Everything is quick and simple.

With The Broxel USA prepaid Mastercard

you can enjoy the following benefits:

Your family receives the complete amount of money of all your efforts.

Send and receive money between Mexico
and the USA in seconds, with no fees.

Without Borders

Acquire the Broxel USA prepaid Mastercard in the USA, and Broxel Mexico, for your friends and family.

Download the Broxel APP and Manage your Account.

Ready to use!

Withdraw cash from ATM’S and stores.

Transfer to other cards and bank accounts.

Enjoy the best of two worlds, right in the palm of your hand.

Maximum sending amount:

$2,500.00 USD


$9,999.00 USD


The Broxel Pay card provides access to the financial system
to Mexicans and Hispanics in the United States.



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