Frequently Asked Questions

We are a company committed to diversity and inclusion of the Latino and Hispanic community in the United States. We provide solutions and alternatives through medical assistance, financial inclusion, and online education to help our fellow paisano to improve their quality of life and boost their continuous improvement.

All our services are 100% online. With just a computer or cellphone, internet connection, and a phone line, you can access our services from anywhere. Enjoy the convenience of online medical consultations, studying from home, receiving direct deposits to your Broxel Pay card, and sending money to your family in Mexico instantly and fee-free.

All services are activated 24 hours after payment is received, and users will receive their Enlaza membership number attached to the ‘Welcome’ document.

Enlaza Medical Assistance Services

Call Enlaza Customer Service Center; the representative verifies if your membership is active. With your full name and membership number, they will schedule the nearest available appointment. The certified doctor will contact you via video or phone, as you prefer. We provide continuous and close follow-up on our services to ensure your satisfaction.

When acquiring the family membership, you receive your activated digital card, with which you can obtain up to an 80% discount just by showing it when purchasing any medication, with or without a prescription. Some of the pharmacies in our network are Target, Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, Costco, Rite-Aid, among others, prioritizing their proximity for your convenience and peace of mind.

Please contact the Enlaza customer service center and inform them about the unfortunate passing of your family member. Kindly provide details regarding your relationship with the deceased and indicate whether you prefer a cremation or repatriation service. It is important to know if the person has an official ID. If they do not possess one, we will offer assistance and guidance in obtaining it. It is imperative that the name on the membership matches the name on the official document presented.

To contract any medical assistance in the USA or Mexico, you must be 18 to 75 years old.

If you are the title holder, it must be your partner and all your children under 25 years old or purchase the membership and assign your loved one as a title holder (father, mother, sibling, or whomever you decide) to enjoy all the benefits.

The contract is annual with a monthly charge. The monthly validity lasts for 30 calendar days. Alternatively, you have the option to make a single annual payment and receive a 15% discount, ensuring protection for your loved ones throughout the entire year. Cancellation can be initiated at any time of your choosing.

Currently, we do not accept cash payments. However, we are actively working on integrating cash payment options in the near future for your convenience. For now, all purchases can be made directly on our website, and you can choose to charge them to your “Broxel Pay Card” or any other credit/debit card.

Yes, we always strive to support your financial well-being and ensure that your expenses are manageable. By opting for the annual payment, you can enjoy a 15% discount on medical assistance. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and save on your healthcare expenses.

Request an appointment at the Enlaza customer service center, they locate the laboratory closest to your home. Indicate the laboratory test you require among the following: mammography, prostate antigen, or 24-element blood chemistry, general urine test, RH factor blood test, and blood biometry. The users have one test of their choice per year at no cost, with a limit of up to $1,200.00 MXN. It can be used by any member of the family with the understanding that if any test is used, it cannot be repeated. *Waiting period of 3 months to use this benefit.

Please read the attached terms and conditions document carefully and thoroughly, which is included in the Welcome document for any of your medical assistance memberships. If you have any questions or need clarification, please feel free to contact us.

  • Simple and easy, with the Enlaza Medical Assistance Membership, distance is no longer a barrier to taking care of your loved ones. Upon acquiring the membership, you will receive a Welcome document via email containing your membership number. The membership becomes active 24 hours after your payment is received, allowing your loved ones to access all the benefits without delay.

You can cancel any of our services anytime, and do not feel pressured or obligated. We are always here to support you; our priority is your peace of mind. Contact us for mor information.

The representative from the Enlaza Customer Service Center will ask for certain information to verify your identity. This includes your birth date, telephone number, and email address.

You won’t have to pay any deductibles, coinsurance, or additional fees for your children. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions outlined in the Welcome document of your medical assistance membership for more details.

Financial Inclusion

Broxel Pay is a 100% Mexican company, recognized as a leader in payment methods, with over 10 years of experience. Our primary goal is to provide financial inclusion to the Hispanic community and their families in Mexico and the United States through our comprehensive website and mobile app.

You only need an official Mexican or American ID or a Consular Registration and an address in the USA to send the physical card to.

Our priority is your safety. For security reasons, it is necessary to identify each of our customers to provide you with greater security.

To obtain the Broxel Pay card, having a Social Security Number (SSN) is not a requirement.

You just need to download the “Broxel” app on your smartphone from the App Store or Google Play and follow the instructions. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call our customer service center.

Remove the bottom part of the form that comes attached to your card. There you will find all the complete information of your account and bank routing numbers. We recommend contacting the company you are currently employed with and request to have your paycheck deposited directly to your Broxel Pay card. This way, you can enjoy the convenience of having your funds automatically loaded onto your card without the need for paper checks or additional steps.

Easily send money from the USA to Mexico to support your relatives. To initiate the transfer, ensure that your relative has the Broxel Card in Mexico. The best part is that the transfer is completely free of charge, and it takes just a few seconds to complete.

We offer multiple avenues of assistance to cater to your preferences. You can choose the method that works best and is most convenient for you. Whether it’s through our user-friendly app, over the phone, via WhatsApp, or through text messages, we are available to guide and support you every step of the way. Rest assured, we are always here to provide the help and assistance you need.

In any establishment that accepts Mastercard.

Educating with Enlaza

The technical diplomas are organized into monthly modules, and each diploma provides comprehensive information about the educational program, including module details, duration, and costs. You can conveniently make your payment online, ensuring a 100% secure transaction, and start your studies whenever you’re ready. Throughout your study journey, you will have access to a dedicated advisor who can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. We are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

All diploma courses award UniverMilenium Technical Diplomas, and all modules award a UniverMilenium certificate.

Community Services for
Mexicans in the USA

We provide easy access to official websites where you can complete the necessary procedures for obtaining certain documents. You can visit these websites to obtain your CURP (Unique Population Registry Code), which is free of charge. Additionally, you can make the required payment on the official website to obtain your Birth Certificate. Our aim is to simplify the process for you by providing direct links to the official pages, ensuring a smooth experience in acquiring these important documents.

Verify the documentation you need to process any procedure, passport, or consular registration. Locate the nearest Mexican Consulate in the USA or schedule an appointment directly by phone: 1-877-639-4835


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